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What is candidate Modi’s message for my district?

Narendramodi.in Demo


During Indian National Election 2014, the campaign management team for Mr. Modi (the then Prime Minister hopeful) identified three themes across which they wished to engage the electorate:

  • Create a positive wave of emotion (coined the “Modi Wave”)
  • Highlight a unique message to each individual election constituency
  • Offer citizens a play-by-play update of Mr. Modi’s rallies and where he would be speaking next.


With a hard deadline, Rumi allowed us to focus on the visualization with-out having to create tables and back-end CMS to manage the complex data set e.g. rallies, timings, speeches, photos, videos, districts, highlights, etc. Also, the visualization was hosted on Rumi and shown on the homepage of narendramodi.in from April 4 till May 15, 2014. Rumi was able to handle massive traffic spikes.

Using a strong color driven design, we represented ever successful rally by Mr. Modi with his party color (saffron) on a geographic map. As he campaigned across the nation,  the visualization naturally showed an accelerated spreading of the color saffron as a visual metaphor for his increasing momentum.

Critical points made by Mr. Modi in each rally were also geotagged on the map. As a result citizens across any region in the country could zoom in to the region of importance to them and learn what Mr. Modi had to say with respect to that constituency

Further, the map visualization also offered a look into the past and future planned rallies where Mr. Modi would be speaking that acted as a virtual event calendar



This visualization was ultimately hosted on narendramodi.in  for over a month and played a small in binding the overall campaign strategy for Mr. Modi