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Encourage customers to book tickets in advance

Problem Statement

The client, an online train travel booking company, wished to employ a digital marketing strategy that would create awareness and motivate more users to book train tickets online. As part of their strategy they wished to promote along two themes – (1)  booking train tickets online was an extremely easy and painless and (2) users could save money by booking their train tickets online and in advance of their planned journey.

Key Insight

We based our foundational design on an interactive map that included the top 20 train routes offered by the client. In doing so, we were able to visually engage the user and simplify the entire ticket selection process to one of “point and click”. Consequently, the user can easily navigate through different routes by selecting them on the map. In order to communicate the value of booking advance, we offered a simple time slider where a user could see the average costs and average savings based on the days in advance he/ she booked. In addition, we introduced a call-to-action trigger, “Book ticket”, within the data infographic itself that helps further reduce the friction a user may feel in completing his online booking.