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[Jobs] UI/UX Designer

We’re looking for an exceptional UX/UI designer to join our Frontend Development team. You will be building designs for information sites, visualizations, blogs, etc. Your concepts of mobile-first, adaptive design and mobile responsive should be clear. You are extremely detail-oriented down to pixel-perfect implementation. Expect to spend 20-30% of your time reading and training on design.

Given a project, you are able to:

  • Understand a product’s vision, perform competitive analysis and research for projects.
  • Sketch the concept on paper.
  • Design clear user journeys, information architecture, interaction flow and interaction model, user flows/process flows via user interviews.
  • Build detailed wireframes (tool: Balsamiq)
  • Design the UI (grids, color theory, fonts, typography, iconography and layouts) and implement mockups (tool: Sketch)
  • Assemble the mockups into dynamic prototyping or clickable modeling tools. (tool: Figma)
  • Communicate and influence design decisions
  • Code out the mock-ups in HTML5, CSS3


  • Prior experience at a well established design agency
  • Female candidate
  • Avid reader