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[Jobs] React Developer

You must have

  • You have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS
  • You have functional experience in native Javascript, ES6 and ReactJS
  • You are interested in Math and algorithm-heavy work
  • You have an eye for design and detail (pixel perfect)
  • You understand the importance of excellent documentation, have strong written and oral communication skills
  • You have approximately 0-2 years of experience doing above


  • You have deep experience in native Javascript, ES6, ReactJS, Webpack, NodeJS and Babel
  • You should have experience building scalable (10 million+ uniques per month), consumer grade front-end using ReactJS in domains like news, e-commerce and SAAS
  • You have solid understanding of Amazon web services like Cloudfront, Server Side Rendering and Lambda Edge
  • You understand how to minimize initial page payload and load time using methods like lazy loading
  • You can optimize components for maximum performance across multiple devices and browsers
  • You are passionate about code quality, extensibility, and simple architecture design
  • You have approximately 3-5 years of experience doing above