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Analytics for FMCG sales managers

Could your front-line managers?

  • Be more efficient & plan better to influence outcomes rather than just react to situations.
  • Spend more time being data oriented, take decisions on data analysis, not just gut feel.
  • Be more consistent (across the company) in their actions.
  • Have access to data on market trends faster.
  • Have better conversations with their teams and channel partners.
  • Focus on addressing root causes.
  • Take the right decisions on topline & bottomline faster.

Secondary sales trends across months

Four dimensional chart that tells you sales numbers across months in one glance:

  • Sales this month
  • If you achieved target, missed it (then by how much), overachieved (then by how much)
  • Line shows sales last year this month (indirectly communicates growth over last year)

Secondary sales insights for a month

Four dimensional chart showing the performance of all your brand groups for one month.

  • X axis shows achievement vis-à-vis target
  • Y axis shows contribution to total revenue
  • Size of the bubble shows volume of sales
  • Color shows growth over last year

Who is contributing how much?

This is a multi-layered percentage chart that in one glance can tell you which person exactly at what hierarchy is contributing how much to overall sales. Click on any one person and the chart live zooms in.

Shift in sales across categories from offtake data

Read the Neilson off-take data to determine if there is a shift across categories within a certain area. Example: Is cooking oil off-take numbers moving from Sunflower to Olive Oil in Pune?

Adherence to distribution norm

There are multiple types of SKUs e.g. 500ml, 200ml, 100ml, 50ml and sachet. As the brand manager, you set the distribution norm of which variant (SKU) needs to be sold at which outlet category and in which quantity.

GIS for planning and reporting

Understanding population densities, socio-economic conditions, competitor reach, etc. is critical to planning and managing effective distribution coverage, specially as organizations move up-country.

  • Visualize sales analytics on maps
  • Visualize demographic analytics on maps to identify potential
  • Visualize distribution networks, outlets