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Block Pattern: Slim Fit

Hi, we’re pykih.

We help conceptualize, design, build, and launch wonderful information products and projects.

Block Pattern: Slim Fit

Since 2013, we have helped 90+ brands across eight countries.

Block Pattern: Slim Fit
Block Pattern: Slim Fit

Do you fit the bill?

Our clients thrive on candid communication: conveying their best understanding of reality to citizens, internal stakeholders, and enterprise clients.

candid communication as communication to enlighten people — not to entertain them, not to sell them products, services, or ideas, but to inform them.

They understand that reality is rarely consistent. Hence, the focus is on using UX and algorithms to communicate data, evidence, and content with all of its messiness and nuance.

The jobs we pick up tend to fall in three buckets:

Civic Information

You’re a newsroom, academic center, think tank, government department, or public-spirited foundation. Your main goal is to increase society’s collective knowledge. You begin with finding information. Then you thoroughly analyze it to discover the messages worth spreading are.


You’re a SaaS or an enterprise software company. You want to build new visual analytics products/services or features on top of your existing offerings. Alternatively, you need dashboards, scenario simulators, and visual analytics to improve decision making.

B2B Marketing

You’re not the next unicorn: Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook. You are what one might call – a boring, old-school business that solves a specific problem for a well-defined customer. Customers like your work, and they pay you for your solution. You compete on getting the little big details right.

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