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Cue cards for workshops

Transform your in-depth research into cue cards for actionable workshops or behavioral change.

We break down a digest or research report into many cards. Each card communicates only one idea that is packaged with a simple visual doodle and a 3-5 word headline.

How to use cards

Block Pattern: Slide

Discuss nuanced topics.

Some topics are sensitive, or against cultural norms, or intimidating. You can use the ALE method with decks to have an open and honest conversation:

  • Share one card at a time and ASK what they see?
  • LISTEN to know their understanding of the situation and their interpretation of the card.
  • ELABORATE using our cues on the handout and contextualize with real experiences.

Inculcate new habits.

Sometimes new habits need to be taught quickly. For example, when Covid-19 hit, suddenly, children had to pick up hygiene habits overnight.

Research says that emphasis, repetition, and low cognitive load are key for memory. An idea needs to repeat 200 times before the brain ‘learns’ it.

These compact-sized cards are easy to fit into your handbag! Introduce and discuss agreeable behaviors. During the day, each time someone or makes a mistake just re-visit the relevant card and remind!

Decks available

Hygiene Habits

This deck has 26 visual cards to teach 2-6-year olds about hygiene and nutrition. Over 250 mothers and early-childhood educators have downloaded the deck.

Bullying at workplace

This deck has 30 visual cards to help working professionals workshop out what workplace bullying is, what it looks like, and how you can deal with it.

Commission decks for your research

When to commission a deck: 

  • For endemic issues, for example, sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • To teach skills, for example, teaching communicating data online
  • On the launch of big research reports and use the decks to disseminate ideas at workshops 


Physical deck of cards: High-resolution illustrations of the cards that can be sent to the printers. Two sample decks of cards to review the quality of printing.

Digital deck of cards: Along with the physical deck of cards, you get an interactive visualization with all the cards that you can embed in your website. This comes with a three-year maintenance guarantee and hosting.

Finally, you also receive content to run a digital campaign. A 100-200 word blog post per card that you can add to your website. Cards are sliced into sizes that can be shared on social media as part of the campaign. A digest that becomes the theoretical basis for creating the cards.

Hygiene Cards For Children