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Add-on services for
The Humane Club

We offer two services:

1. Iterate on the Humane Club’s Supercharged ⚡ WordPress until you reach a sense of “this is enough.”

2. Don’t want to operate WordPress? Hire a Fractional WordPress Operator.

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1:1 Consulting

Onboarding, consulting, training, meetings, design, and software development.


We charge $120 per hour. The rate in 🇮🇳, adjusted for purchasing power parity, is $60 per hour. That amounts to ₹2 lakh per week.

Upgrade The Club 50% Discount

Having a “website” in 2024 is no longer a differentiating factor; it’s a basic necessity. Lower your expenses by sharing custom-built design elements and features with all Humane Club members.

Share what you want to get built with the community at the 🙋‍♀️ Frontdesk. If other members upvote them, you will receive 50% discount on the hours spent on software design and development.

How it works

At the beginning of the project, we are prepared to estimate how long the project might take and provide you with an approximate quote.

However, in most website projects, you may find yourself constantly iterating until your website feels just right. This means the final budget may vary.

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Fractional WordPress Operator

The Humane Club membership assumes that you’ll learn how to operate WordPress (it is quite easy) and have the time to operate it.

However, this might not be feasible for everyone. Save on cognitive and management bandwidth by hiring fractional WordPress operator.

Annual Rates in 🇮🇳

Blossom 🌱Garden 🌳
Annual260 hours520 hours
Cost of hiring, training, hosting, providing equipment, and ensuring quality and timelines.IncludedIncluded
Annual 🇮🇳 Price₹2 lakh₹4 lakh
Additional 18% GST is charged for 🇮🇳 customers.

How it works?

Drop your or your SEO team’s change requests on your 🔙🚪 Backstage and the operator will make the changes.

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Will you maintain timesheets? Yes.

Can you provide the purchasing power parity discount to other developing countries? Yes, happy to consider.

Does 18% GST apply to all services provided in India? Yes.

If I commission Pykih to build a feature that I do not want to share with other members, do I own the code? Yes, you can own the code for custom features. The rate for this service is $60 per hour. However, the ownership depends on the nature of the feature:

  • Tightly Coupled Features: If the feature is tightly integrated with Humane Club’s platform, the code cannot be shared.
  • Independent Functionality: If the feature functions independently and can work on any WordPress website, then we can share the code with you.