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We had a list of 100+ data points in MS Excel that we wanted to visualise for our users. We obtained Pykih’s analytics consulting services from both technical and business perspective. They created and implemented data visualizations using d3.js that were both visually appealing as well as insightful. During the two months we spent with them they went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied with the results – they continued to seek out the most viable options from a business perspective by always considering what’s best for our current and future client needs. They delivered on time and within budget. It was a pleasure working with Pykih and I highly recommend to those who need analytics consulting services because they really listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do.

Omar Sheikh and Shezi Aziz, Cofounders, SalesTag.me 

We got a dashboard built with Pykih. I’ve been extremely impressed with their service. They over-delivered, on time and on budget. Great communication and end product.

Greg DiPaolo, Developer Community Director, Appcelerator.com 

pykih is the perfect outsourcing firm. This is our third outsourced project, and while all have been successful, this project has been successful on a whole new level thanks to pykih.The project was delivered well before time, and the solution that was developed was better in all ways, thanks to pykih”s knowledge, technical ability and creativity. If pykih bids on your project and say they can do it, then you would be crazy to choose anybody else. Can not recommend more highly.

Matthew Barney, Director, Position Inc, 

We came across Ritvvij’s team while looking for a replacement to take on a d3 visualization task. Our regular development team had attempted to foray into d3 while developing the charting side of our forecast software, and had been utterly decimated by its complexity, putting our project behind schedule. We were urgently seeking someone with expertise in this cutting edge area. What we liked most about Pykih was not just that they have great expertise in d3, but that they were very up-front with us in saying where the limits of their expertise were. We had some needs as well in other aspects of our product development, and rather than just trying to get a contract they declined to take on a project they were not confident they could deliver. For that, and for the quality work they have done on our web application, pykih has earned our trust and our business.

Anish Parikh, CEO, The Pinnacle Forecast. 

We worked with Pykih on an innovative project to visualize data in a metrics dashboard for Europeana (Den Haag). While only a prototype the newly created dashboard has a number of innovative features: It combines a modern mark-down editor with the option to create pages and introduce a variety of visualizations, either from Datawrapper or D3.js. Working with Pykih is a positive experience: They are well organized, deliver on time and have an extensive expertise for levels of technical/development tasks – from setting up servers to coding applications. We intend to keep working with the team based on the experience. We can recommend the team strongly for other projects. The team of Pykih is what we looked for: Good, reliable coders willing and able to create new visualizations for data.

Mirko Lorenz, CEO, DataWrapper.

Pykih did an excellent job creating a dynamic infographic for us. They rapidly translated the design into working code. We are quite pleased with their work.

Chuck Teller, VP Product Management, Wise.io 

We gave Pykih the task of building a real time dashboard to visualise an IVRS reporting system we had built. They were excellent in their scoping of the project and delivered on time and on budget.

Gautam John, Head – Karnataka Learning Partnership, Akshara 

We have an in-house, unmanaged deployment of Pentaho Data Integration that generates custom reports from Google Analytics. Some scripts required urgent maintenance. Pykih were quick to identify the problems, and get a solution integrated. Importantly, they provided lots of support to understand & customize the new scripts.

Mahesh Khambadkone, Cofounder COO, Games2Win.com

We got a custom visualization built in d3.js from pykih. It was a pleasure to work with pykih. Responsive, clear and result-focussed.

Dr. Gilcher Wirtschaftsberatung, Founder, Xeraphic.com

We use FormHub to run surveys in many African countries and needed a better way to visualise all the data from these surveys. With JARVIS:BI’s FormHub dashboard, survey results can now be viewed in real time. This allows for immediate feedback about our programs from the field, which greatly increases the quality of the work we do.

Heather Katcher, Helen Keller International

AdoRoi provides high-end marketing tracking solutions to many large corporates in India. We help them make their marketing spends ROI driven. On top of our technology platform, we piloted pykih’s enterprise dashboard technology for data visualization and generating reports for our clients. Pykih has deep expertise in product management and enterprise design of dashboard technology.

Mitesh Thakker, Founder and CEO, AdoRoi Marketing Sciences