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Our work in CivicTech

Build and engage the audience by launching verticals and converting stories into compelling, visual experiences.

You’re a newsroom, academic center, think tank, government department, or public-spirited foundation. Your main goal is to increase society’s collective knowledge. You begin with finding information. Then you thoroughly analyze it to discover the messages worth spreading are.

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Storytelling tools

Majority of Internet users do not read long form. The Internet has a term for it — Too long; didn’t read (TL;DR). Tell your stories using immersive interactions instead of plain old text. 

In 2017-2018, Washington DC-based International Center for Journalists commissioned pykih to conceptualize, design, build and test new product prototypes for the Indian news space. This software was used by newsrooms like IndianExpress, Jagran, TheWire, Newslaundry, MoneyControl, Nai Duniya, IndiaSpend, Deccan Herald and Prajavani. After completion of this engagement, ICFJ Knight Fellow Nasr ul Hadi and pykih co-founder Ritvvij Parrikh co-founded PROTO — a company focused on media research and learning for journalists.

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Does sell airline tickets? No. Because good products have a well-defined job to be done. Yet many content sites are all over the place. Build loyalty with structured content sites around single topics for well-defined audiences.

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Reading habits on the Internet are scattered. Most people consume information in a piecemeal fashion across platforms instead of reading one long article. Make learning serendipitous with context cards. 

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Report live events

Create visually stunning properties for scheduled, high traffic events like sports, elections, wars, etc.