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Tiny Steps Towards a More Humane Web

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Tiny steps towards a more humane web

Humane Club helps organizations communicate data, evidence, research, and content over WordPress. Since 2013, Pykih (the parent company) has served 90+ brands across 11 countries. Clients include:

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Dhara Shah and Ritvvij Parrikh co-founded Pykih in 2013 as an Information Design Studio.

Dhara Shah

Managing Partner, New Delhi

Dhara Shah is an Information Designer with 10+ years of experience. She runs the Humane Club.

  • When not running Humane, she volunteers for the Global Shapers Gurugram community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.
  • She is also the Founder Editor of narishakti.in – a small community for working women professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Dhara has been featured in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) F&D Magazine.

Ritvvij Parrikh

Evangelist, New Delhi

Ritvvij Parrikh quit Pykih in 2018 and went on to setup another company — PROTO that provided media development services to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and WhatsApp. Since 2019, he consults with The Times of India. He continues to operate as a part-time evangelist and shareholder in Humane Club.

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Meet the team.

These are the people that work at Humane Club, support customers, and keep the ship running every day.


WordPress Developer

Gaurav Bhagchandani

Senior Software Engineer (Mumbai)


Front-end Developer (Jaunpur)



Karnvir Yadav

UI/UX Designer

CA Ashutosh Agrawal


Vishesh Bansal

(New Delhi)


Chief Entertainment Officer