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pykih starts teaching Data Visualisation at Aegis School of Business, Mumbai

February, 2016

pykih trains 60 data journalists to Data at ICFJ and World Bank’s dBootCamp.

August, 2014

Public Talks

Visualising Data Journalism at Fifth Elephant’s Runner up event at India Today, Noida

June, 2014

Pykih’s cricket scorecard is featured in a History Channel Documentary.

Dec., 2014

Pykih is a panelist at Google's Growth Hacking Day at SJM SOM, IIT Bombay, Mumbai.

December, 2015

“A primer for custom viz.” Big Data Meetup, Mumbai

April, 2015

"A framework for data interactive front-ends" MetaRefresh, Bangalore

April, 2015

"PykCharts.js" MetaRefresh, Bangalore

April, 2015

Pykih is a panelist at Lift India’s Data Conference, Bangalore.

October, 2015

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