Build reliable and maintainable data-interactive visualisations quickly.

Data Querying Framework for Developers.


The UI Engine for the Big Data is the Browser. While the backend can store and process terabytes of data, the front-end browser is capable of holding not more than 30 MB of data. Complex programs are not possible in the browser because a lot of the utilities that back-end programmers take for granted e.g. complex data structures, SQL, etc. are not available to front-end programmers. Hence, we built pykQuery as a means to improve the available tool-set to our visualisation developers.

Save upto 90% time spent in writing data related code

Data Access: Get data slices out of silos and make them available to front-end visualisation.


Data Manipulation (In-Browser): Parse, search, filter, aggregate, join, sort and manipulate data from various sources right in the browser.

Interactivity: Trigger data selection and filtering on DOM events to create real-time data-driven interfaces.

Built to provide a delicate balance
between capability and performance

Before we made pykQuery, we tried to explore open-source alternatives that could solve our data visualization problems but none seemed to hit the "sweet spot". Really! We went through 12 of them: Underscore.js, Lazy.js, Crossfilter.js, Google's Lovefield, Loki, PouchDB, ForerunnerDB, Datavore, JinqJS, AlaSQL, SqlJS and finally Miso Project's DataSet.

See how pykQuery does against them

Feature Comparison
Performance Comparison

Key Features

— SQL Like Syntax on Columnar Data
— Select (metric functions, custom functions)
— Library Functions (math, datetime)
— Alias
— From
— Where (and/or conditions, nested filters, etc.)
— Group By (aggregation)
— Having
— Joins (full, inner, left, right)
— Order (ascending, descending)
— Limit
— Offset
— Interactivity Impacts (data, filter)
— Save Queries as JSON

What it includes

— PykQuery.2.0.min.js
— PykQuery-GoogleSheets.2.0.min.js
— pykquery-postgresql npm package
— pykquery-mysql npm package


— Interactive Visualizations
— Exploratory Dashboards
— Data-driven Presentations

Battle hardened since Jan 2014

Here are some of the Pykih visualizations powered by PykQuery.


Hansa Cequity

CPG Sales Distribution Dashboard


Akshara Foundation

Real-time Survey Responses

500 small

500 Startups

Portfolio Review PPT

Snow tile

The Skier's Almanac

Ia responsiblebiz

Oxfam India

Responsible Business Index

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