Pivot Chart

Offer a drag-drop chart creation or reporting interface to your users, right inside of your web app.

A plug and play cross tabulation library in JavaScript

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A Reporting Module available out of the box

Almost all businesses need reports but how many can you really hope to provide. While pre-defined reports work nicely, business users don't always have pre-defined questions.

Why will your users love it?

From right within your product, empower users to ask intelligent questions of the data you provide them. The library automatically chooses the right chart and shows it to them.

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Currently supports 12 different charts. More on the way.

Bar chart
Column chart
heat map
Heatmap size
heat map size

line chart
Multi line
multi line chart
scatter plot
Scatter size
scatter size plot

Stacked bar
stacked bar chart
Stacked column
stacked Column chart
Metric card
metric card

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Read the blog introducing pivot charts                 API Documentation

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