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Scaling human thought
with interfaces and algorithms

We live in a world of numbers, constantly buried under a deluge of data. Normal non-technical people find it tough to digest this information overload and often instead end up suffering from a data constipation of sorts. While humans have an uncanny ability to understand things visually and detect patterns, most data is communicated through static reports, spreadsheets and disconnected charts and graphs. Pykih builds visuals interfaces that help you digest information easily.


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Magical things happen when you pack a team of "i-am-best-at-what-i-do" experts in a room to focus on one problem.

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across 7 countries - US, Canada, Germany,
UK, Australia, India and Kenya.

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For our work, pykih has been featured in media and has also received grants, sponsorships and recognition from multiple organizations.

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We are all for sharing our knowledge.



Brick by brick, we are working towards building a bootstrapped, engineering and design first technology company out of India. Given our long term outlook towards business, we need to invest in things that do not go out of style. Check out a few of our milestones alone the way.


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Portfolio of work done - for Content Marketing (PDF) to see some of our past work.
Portfolio of work done - for Decision Making (PDF) to see some of our past work.
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